Wind Chill Frostbite Chart
img Source: National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart – The wind chill chart shown above is a temperature index which accurately indicates how cold the air feels on human… READ MORE


What are Essential Oils? January 14, 2019 ·
Countryside Magazine Contributor · Soapmaking

By now you have probably heard mention of essential oils, perhaps you also have experienced an essential oil or two. But what are essential oils?  … Read More

What Does blood in a chicken egg mean? January 14, 2019 · Lisa Steele · Eggs & Meat

Blood in chicken eggs is often, mistakenly, believed to signify that an egg is fertile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. So what does blood in chicken eggs signify?  … Read More

Raising Highland Cattle for Beef January 14, 2019 · Countryside Magazine Contributor · Cattle

If you are interested in raising Highland cattle, you’ll find these animals are docile, easy to handle and great foragers. Helpful tips from Countryside. READ MORE

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